This week is filled with the energy of strength through vulnerability, connection, and forgiveness. The fog is lifting and things are starting to become more clear. We are becoming unstuck with each slow and intentional step forward. If you are feeling fearful or unsure, call on Archangel Ariel as she will help bring you the courage needed to empower you, reminding you of the bad ass you are. 

The “Two of Cups” asks us to allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to connect with another. If there is a situation where forgiveness is required, this might be the time to allow this. Remember that we forgive others not to excuse bad behavior or to let someone off the hook, we forgive to free ourselves from the weight of this burden. We do this for our own personal peace and freedom. 

Again, the Two of Cups is encouraging us to allow ourselves to connect with another. This could be in allowing yourself to be open when meeting someone new, or perhaps being vulnerable in reconnecting with your partner. Know that this connection and exchange of energy is a true gift. 💝 

“Strength” is here to remind you of the strength that you are. It’s within and around you. It’s knowing that true strength can be soft, quiet, and gentle. It’s absolute fierce love and it’s who you are. It takes true courage to open yourself up and allow this vulnerability. 

Have a beautiful week!

With love always,


Deck: The Light Seer’s Tarot By: Chris-Anne