This week as I connect with the angels, what I am really feeling is Spirit. The angels are surrounding us with the spirit of loved ones at this time. The “White Eagle” is a card that represents ancestor spirit. It comes with a message that a family wound or pattern can be healed now. Our second card, “Hope“ is all about love and acceptance. There is a huge outpouring of love for us this week, and we are being encouraged to accept it, recognizing our own divine worth and choosing loving thoughts. 

I do feel like a few things are going on this week. First, we are being encouraged to see how far we have come. Look back through the most loving, compassionate, and forgiving eyes. If you are missing someone in heaven, please know that they are with you now. They are loving and supporting you always! There’s also a message from Spirit that now that they are on the other side, and can see all, you may sometimes worry about what they see and how they feel about you. The message is very clear. They say that no matter what, there’s nothing that you can do that will make them love you less! (Please read that last sentence again!)

The second thing is, that you may be experiencing a family wound or pattern rising up in this moment to be healed. Things could feel intense between you and others at this time. (This could include family, but doesn’t have to) Or perhaps a family wound that you’ve been carrying is being ripped open by the mirrors around you. Either way this is rising up at this time to be healed. There’s so much love being poured onto the situation and to you! 

It’s time to let go of any shame or guilt you may still be carrying. It does not belong to you! Choose loving thoughts about yourself and others. Choose love and forgiveness. Also know that in healing yourself you are not only setting yourself free, but also healing and setting free those who have walked before you, and those who will walk after you. 💥 

May you feel the presence of love surrounding you this week, 

always, Nicole

Deck: Keepers of the Light  By: Kyle Gray