This feels like a powerful week ahead! Super excited for the official start of spring as we celebrate the spring equinox and Ostara Tuesday, March 19! 

This is a beautiful time filled with renewal, fertility, rebirth, and new beginnings. 

Our first card  the “High Priestess“ wants to remind you of your power. Your ability to know, to focus, and to create is a powerful magic!  It’s important to focus on all things positive. Where your focus goes, energy flows. Make it something good! 

Followed by “The Lady” which is all about fertility, growth and abundance! All the seeds you’ve planted are coming to life. Again, keep your focus on the positive and what you are growing. Do not sweat what others are doing for there is more than enough for everyone!

This is an abundant time of growth and expansion. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors, knowing beautiful things are on their way! What are you creating at this time? What dreams are you giving birth to? Whatever it is, believe in yourself, your dreams and the invisible team protecting and guiding you on your journey. Know that ALL things are possible and it’s okay to believe in what you might not yet see. Trust your intuition, it knows!! 

Have a beautiful week 



Deck: Angels and Ancestors By: Kyle Gray