This week we received “Bearing Fruit,“ a beautiful card that reminds us of our likeness to a tree. We are constantly growing and changing. There are seasons of brilliant beauty and seasons of letting go. We are no doubt affected by our ancestors and conditions of the past, but have also adapted and grown despite it all. Our roots run deep and are constantly growing. They keep us strong and firmly grounded as we reach for the sky. 

Quoting the beautiful Colette Baron-Reid, “There is always a correlation between what you see, what you expect to see, what you intend consciously, and what you project unconsciously.“ We are in a powerful and fertile season of our lives. We must pay attention to what we are manifesting. Your influence is strong. Be clear about what you intend. You are not a bystander in your life but a co-creator! 

“A Higher View” asks us to let go of judgment and assumption. Sometimes when we are really “in it,”  it becomes hard to see beyond ourselves which keeps us in old patterns. Or worse, we work so hard to avoid triggers, which will only keep us in our comfort zone, policing our attempts at new things. We are being guided to take a step back. To look at the bigger picture as if we are soaring from high above. Dance with the Universe. Know your own strength and power. Trust your roots, your wisdom, and your desires. Know that it is all possible. This is a powerful time indeed. 

Have a beautiful week

With love always,


Deck: Oracle of the 7 Energies By: Colette Baron-Reid