Deck: Fairy Tarot 🧚🏼‍♀️  By: Radleigh Valentine 

Happy Spring and I must say, this week looks kind of dreamy! 🌺 🌸 Our first card is the “Princess of Summer”, depicting a beautiful sensitive fairy sitting in contemplation and daydreaming. This tells me that we may be in our feels this week. This may be a good time to reach out to a compassionate friend that you can share your heart with. There might also be a new relationship (or a re-surge of a current one) on the horizon. If you receive an invitation to a social event…go! Whatever magic is coming your way,  trust that it is unfolding just for you. 💗✨

The “Four of Spring“ it’s all about gratitude and celebration! 💃 So take time this week to feel gratitude for all of the good and positive things in your life. Allow yourself to feel content in this moment and experience a wave of peace and happiness. As these feelings wash over you, you will light up, attracting more love and joy into your life. 

So daydream! (And pay attention to your nighttime dreams as well) 😴 Know that your sensitivity is not a curse, it is a gift! We are so often overwhelmed with fear, worry and the negativity that surrounds us. So let us seek balance this week and give our attention to experiencing joy, happiness and what we are grateful for. And if the mood strikes, maybe dance a bit! 💃 🕺 

Have a magical week, 

 💜 Nicole

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