Perspective definitely feels like a big part of this week’s energy. Not necessarily from the standpoint of seeing something from a different point of view, this feels bigger. It’s more about exploring possibilities, connecting with spirit, and allowing yourself to believe in more than just what you can see. The magic and potential is palpable! 

First ”Seeing Beyond” asks us to look beyond the things that we know and see, and into the vast space of imagination and  possibility. We are co-creators of our lives but sometimes we just get in our own way. Our beliefs and ideas of what’s possible limit what truly can be. Let’s face it, the Divine might have a vision greater than our own. 

“Sacred Reverence” is more of the same. Asking us to look at the world through eyes of possibility, knowing there is more than just what we see. Its understanding that Spirit/Source/God is everywhere, in everything and everyone. Even our most challenging relationships have value. We are all sacred and connected. 

This is a time of deep witnessing and awe. Exploring possibilities with curiosity and finding inspiration everywhere! Our job this week is to imagine, allow yourself to dream. We don’t need to know how we will get there, just that it’s possible. Then take a few steps forward and dream some more. The Universe will pave the way! 

With so much love always,


Deck: Oracle of the 6 Energies  By: Colette Baron- Reid