As it is now officially spring, a time of new growth and rebirth, it is extremely fitting and on theme that our first card for the energy of this week is “Spring.” Ready or not, things are starting to move forward. Your intentions, thoughts, hopes, and dreams have been planted, and their seeds are starting to grow. This is why it has been such an important time to keep our intentions, focused and positive. 

Although we can’t see these seeds planted beneath the earth, there is so much going on at this time that is unseen. They have literally cracked open and are reaching towards the light in this moment. Trust and know that it is on its way. Like all seedlings 🌱 we need to be gentle with these dreams as they come to fruition.  Nurture them and yourself by believing in yourself and these dreams. Although sometimes the voice of ego’s insecurity can be the loudest, this does not mean it’s the one we should listen to. The quiet whisper of your heart is the one that knows best. 💗

“The High Priestess” is here to remind you that you are the magic!✨ Believe in yourself. There is no one else on this earth exactly like you and we need YOU and your gifts to shine in this world. You affect so many more people than you even realize. You are co-creating your future! There is nothing more powerful than intention, and we are being encouraged to harness that power now. Trust your intuition and follow it. Whether you feel ready or not this is a very fertile time. so focus on what it is you would like to create or experience.

There is both Divine inspiration and protection pouring out to you this week. I hope you feel it! 💫

With love,


Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray