First, I would just like to wish a happy Easter to all who celebrate. I can not believe April is here already! We are in a bit of a slow down energy right now, as Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow 4/1. This is a good time to go inward, review our plans and where we’re heading, and revise where necessary. 

Our first card the “Knight of Earth” asks us to pause. This is a time of planning and waiting for perfect timing before taking action. Of course, with mercury retrograde, paying attention to details is super important. It’s also important to note that you are being watched over and guided through this process. So know that any epiphany or inspiration that shows up is divinely guided.

The “Ace of Earth” comes as confirmation that the seeds you are planting at this time will bring good fortune! There are  exciting opportunities around the corner. When it’s time to move forward, you will know! 

Try to find some time this week to quiet the mind and dream a little. Don’t feel as if you’re being unproductive as this truly is an important time. There is a new adventure around the corner so reserve your energy for that! 

Have a beautiful week,

with so much love, 


Deck: Wisdom Tarot  By: Radleigh Valentine