This week is all about dreaming, going within, and asking yourself what do you really want? The “Stargazer” is encouraging us to dig deep and dream bigger! Do you have a dream that you deem impossible, therefor you haven’t allowed yourself to truly embrace or perhaps even acknowledge it? Maybe you’ve been so focused on a certain thing like, health for example, or someone else’s happiness. The angels are asking you to look beyond those things, as if those prayers have already been answered, and ask yourself “what’s next?” What if everything was falling into place to make space for you and your truest desires, dreams, and wishes? Are you willing to look and acknowledge what they really are? 

Coupled with the “Mountains” there is a message that it is safe to allow yourself to dream. You are these mountains! You are unshakable! You have been through so much and are so much stronger than you even realize. You are firmly grounded on this earth, and as a matter of fact, the parts of you (the mountain) that are seen is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more rooted deep within the earth. And let’s not forget how high you reach into the heavens where you can practically touch the stars. You are connecting both heaven and earth. ✨ 

Once you start to recognize some of the dreams that are rising up within you, it’s important to ground yourself, standing strong in this truth. As these dreams might begin as a little spark, it’s up to us to protect them, fanning them into a beautiful flame. You have everything you need inside of you now to make these dreams come true. Believe in yourself and the possibility that it’s ALL possible. Trust in the unseen! The Universe has your back. 

With so much love always, 

Have a beautiful week 💫 

Nicole xoxo

Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray