Although there is so much going on in the world and around us at this time, the angels’ guidance this week asks us to go within. They wish to shine a light on each of us and ask that we lovingly accept the all encompassing and unconditional love that is surrounding us at this time.

We might not always see it or feel it, but the truth is, we are magical, manifesting beings, co-creating our experience. The “Stellar Gateway Activation” is here to remind us of our infinite potential. Although we have been shaped by our experiences, and perhaps things that were out of our control, the truth is that we have much more power than we often realize. Every thought, action, non-action, and choice we make is creating our way forward.

Our soul came here with a purpose and no matter what twisty turns we make in this lifetime, aligning with that purpose is our goal. Don’t fret if you’re not sure what that is, our soul knows the way. The “Heart of Source” is here clearing any blockages that are in the way of you experiencing unconditional love and acceptance. View yourself in a loving way and know that it is safe to love and be loved. Know that vulnerability is not a weakness, but a superpower, and that you are deserving of all that you desire.

You are a master of manifestation! Everything is possible and YOU are worthy! Step forward and claim this truth now. What are you creating?💫 

Sending so much love always,

 Nicole 💜

Deck: Gateway of Light Activation  By: Kyle Gray

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