If you receive my newsletter, I spoke about the month of May being full of “mirrors,” the world reflecting back to you and highlighting the things that need to be healed within. We also pulled the 5 of Fire just a few weeks ago and this energy definitely continues. But as this mercury retrograde comes to an end (still in the shadow) we are sort of in an energetic finale. Although things sometimes seem to get louder or more intense towards the end, it’s really about what has been “Exposed and Revealed“ to help us heal moving forward. 

This is a time to heal any shame, guilt, imposter syndrome, past wounds, or low self-esteem that may have been triggered within you.    Remember, there’s strength in vulnerability. Do not get dragged into anyone else’s story (or drama). Send love and compassion to these people and situations (and also to yourself). Stand in your truth, setting healthy boundaries and surrendering control over these situations to a higher power. The Universe loves you and your angels have your back.

The Angels are encouraging us to let go of the old and to make space for the new as this is a time to be “In Perfect Harmony. “ This is a time for healthy and harmonious relationships and collaboration. Know that you don’t need to be like anyone else. Just be your authentic self knowing you bring different gifts to the table! To quote Colette, “You are a note in a harmony that neither empowers nor is overpowered by any other. Your beautiful independence allows you all to shine.” 🎵 🎶 

Do not let your ego or subconscious, conditioned by your past experiences, get in your way.  It’s time to use those mirrors to take a good long look into ourselves. It’s time to forgive, let go of the past, and fully embrace your beauty. This has been a time of deep healing and transition. The future is wide open. How are you going to move forward? 💖💖💖

Have a beautiful week! 🫶🏼

With so much love always, 


Deck:Oracle of the 7 Energies  By: Colette Baron-Reid