“The temple of truth throat chakra” is a card about authenticity and self expression. This is about speaking your truth but also about knowing and accepting yourself. The throat chakra is such an important energy center as it holds within it our emotions and also houses our identity center. There is a buried truth rising within you now. Perhaps something you have been resisting but this resistance is only creating blocks.  Perhaps it’s time to lovingly know and accept who you are and what’s true for you. You are being encouraged to express that freely and confidently, allowing this truth to flow through you. 

Coupled with the “Chambers of the Violet Flame” confirms that we are in a deep state of transformation. This has of coarse rocked our identity center as we let go of who we used to be and embrace who we are becoming. Transformation can feel challenging; as the old falls away it carries with it a lot of emotion.  We might be letting go of some people, trauma, old dreams, old ideas, or stories about who you are. Trust that you are being divinely led throughout this process. 

We are supposed to change and grow. We are not supposed to stay the same, this is why we are here. Honor those emotions and old versions of yourself but let them go to make room for the new. 

Stand up confidently knowing you are allowed and worthy of every happiness. Be exactly who you are, who you were born to be. There is no one else like you and YOU are a gift. 💝

I see you! 

Have a great week

With so much love, Nicole 

Deck: Gateway of Light Activation  By: Kyle Gray

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