This week feels like a week of opportunity, creativity, and perhaps collaboration. The “Empress” is encouraging us to nurture our dreams. It is time to take action! Take that step, do something, anything as long as it is in the direction of your dreams and what you wish to experience. This is a great time for creative projects. The steps you take this week will lead to success, abundance and prosperity.  

“Balance” is encouraging us to stay balanced but perhaps not the way you think. It’s about a blending of ideas to create something new and extraordinary. So whatever you are trying to create, don’t feel like the road ahead is either black or white. You are creating this road with all shades. It is uniquely yours. Blend what you know to create something that is entirely new. This also means the blending of all aspects of yourself, including different versions of yourself that have emerged over time.

Again, this is a time of action! There are opportunities to give birth to new dreams, ideas, and versions of yourself. The possibilities are quite literally endless.

Have a magical week! 💫 

With so much love, 

Always Nicole

Deck: Angel Wisdom Tarot  By: Radleigh Valentine