This week feels very powerful as we received two of the major arcana representing big things are afoot for us. Big opportunities for growth and change. 

“The World” confirms and encourages us to recognize that we are at the end of a cycle and it is time to let go. Take this moment to celebrate this chapter and acknowledge how far you have come. Embrace the lessons learned and the wisdom gained. Remember that every ending leads to a new beginning, providing us with the freedom to choose any direction we desire.

“Ego” is encouraging us to let go of any old self-limiting beliefs. Let’s not carry them into this next phase! It’s time to release any shame or guilt you may be holding onto as well. These emotions only keep you stuck and do not serve you. Let them go! 

Just like last week, maintaining a higher perspective is crucial. Avoid dwelling on fear, worry, insecurities, or feelings of lack. Instead, focus on celebrating this time of transition. Reflect on how far you have come, where you have been, where you are now, and where you are headed. Honor your journey and the growth you have experienced! 

Have a beautiful week!

With so much love always,


Deck: Fairy Tarot  By: Radleigh Valentine