Well after an intense but beautiful full moon and eclipse, and let’s say a somewhat challenging week 😬, the “Moon” is guiding us to tap into and trust our intuition.  Everything may not be as it seems, and we are being encouraged to see through the illusion. The moon reveals all! Shadows revealed and exposed if we are willing to see. Whether we are noting them within others or situation‘s around us, or old stories and insecurities rising within us. Ultimately it all comes back to us and how we feel about ourselves. So look within. Take note to the feelings and emotions rising within you. They are messages from your soul and your angels.

The “Stag” is here to remind you to stand in your light, your glory, and your truth. There is an opportunity in this moment for you to thrive. Trust in your gifts and your strength. Know that you have so much to offer and you were born to shine. Claim your power now! Stand strong and proud of who you are and all that you have accomplished. 

Again, stand strong, and know that it is safe for you to shine and be seen in all your beauty. Not everyone will like it but that is only because of the stories they are telling themselves. You are not here to be small nor is it your job to shrink yourself to make others “more comfortable.”  You know what they say about gifts? They are not gifts, unless they are shared. You are the gift! 💝 

You are safe and protected, connected and guided. Trust in this truth. Trust in all that you are. ✨ 

Have a beautiful week

With so much love always, 


Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray