First of all I would just like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to every mothering soul out there! You do not have had to actually birth a human to be a mother, and today we celebrate ALL of you! To those that are here and to those that have passed, we thank you for all the love and for being our greatest teachers! 🙏🏼🌺

Speaking of teachers, this week we received a beautiful message from the “Sage” & “Great Teacher.” Both cards speak about taking note of teachers (and experiences that have been teachers) in your life and realizing that perhaps it’s time for the teacher in you to rise up. Sharing your life experiences and learned wisdom can and will inspire many. 💫 

There is also a very strong message of acknowledgment of your commitment and dedication to knowing yourself better. You are on a spiritual journey whether you call it that or not. The angels are surrounding you with this beautiful feeling of peace and a sense of oneness. You might even experience an inner knowing that we are all way more connected than we may realize. 

This is a time of observation. You may be able to better witness others, through a forgiving and loving lense without judgment. But most importantly, observing and witnessing ourselves and who we really are is what will ultimately help us the most moving forward.  (A continuation on the identity piece from last week… know thy self! 😉)

This would be a great week to take notes, write lists, or journal your thoughts. Writing can be a powerful tool for transformation and manifestation. ✨ Remember anything that you write after the words I AM.. are super powerful, so give it a try. ✍️

I am brave

I am worthy

I am love

I am ready

I am…

I cannot stress enough how guided, supported, and held you are at this time. Trust the wisdom and the teacher within. Spirit has your back! 

With Love Always,


Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray

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