I’d like to start off my saying that we ALL have at least two guardian angels. This is not a passed over loved one, although they are often part of our guidance team as well. Your “Guardian Angel” has been with you throughout every lifetime. They were with you the moment you were born and stay with you until the day you die. Your guardian angel wants to remind you of their presence and is encouraging you to ask them for any help you need. 

This week we are being guided to pay attention for signs and reminders that our angels and loved ones are close by. If you have asked for help with a particular situation, know that our spirit teams are working behind-the-scenes to guide you. You are never alone and there is so much support from the other side surrounding you at this time.

Trusting in the unseen is super important, as is trusting in your own ability to make your way forward and use your voice. The “Lord” is encouraging us not to be afraid to stand up and take charge. Stand your ground when needed and speak your mind in an unapologetic yet loving way. Sometimes others may treat us poorly in a way that we have somehow allowed. Remember that people treat us how we’ve taught them to. If you feel that you are being taken for granted, or taken advantage of in any way, it’s time to change that. This type of behavior does not serve you on your path any longer.

Remember, you are the captain of this ship! We may not be able to control all that happens around us, but we do have control over our reactions and the stories we give to these situations. And don’t forget about the magical crew working alongside you throughout your journey helping your ship to fly. 

Have a beautiful week! 

Nicole ✨

Deck: Angels and Ancestors. By: Kyle Gray