This week’s messages feel like they are falling right in line with what has been coming up for the last few weeks. A strong reminder about what a powerful manifester you are! 

Our first card “Horus Cosmic Gateway” is encouraging us to recognize how magnetic and powerful our thoughts are. So keep them positive and focused on what you’d like to create in your life. Follow the voice of your soul and trust your intuition. There are miraculous changes occurring at this time. Whether or not you can see them yet is not important, your soul knows. 

“Archangel Metatron is also coming through with “Clear Your Vibes”. We are being guided to clear our energy of anything that feels negative or heavy. This could include removing ourselves from negative people or situations that are not serving our highest good. It is also another reminder to pay attention and clear our own thoughts of any negativity or fearful thinking. 

Both Horus and Metatron are guides that help connect us to our highest self. They also support a direct line of connection for us to receive universal guidance. Trust this connection! We are clearing away to make space for the new. Stay focused and stay positive. This is also a great week to declutter. Clearing our physical space helps clear our minds and spirit as well. There are beautiful things coming and you are the co-creator of it all! 

Have a beautiful week 

With love always, 


Deck: Keepers of the Light & Angel Oracle    By: Kyle Gray