This week we are being encouraged to stay the course and keep moving forward! Our first card (literally “Stay the Course”) comes as confirmation that you are on the right path! You might have felt this, but are feeling challenged. There may be some speed bumps that have risen that are making you question everything. Please know this is not a sign, it’s just a bumpy start. Keep going! 

“Yes. You are Correct” is also encouraging us to keep moving forward and is doubling down with the message that you are following your guidance. Others around you may be questioning your choices. You may feel judgment or negativity from them. Consider that this either comes from their own fears or is acting as a mirror for ours. DO NOT listen. Continue to follow your own knowing for you are being guided. 

This has been a time of transformation, of letting go and staying focused on what we would like to bring in. The energy this week may feel a bit intense as we have a full moon and lunar eclipse on Tuesday, but this energy is actually happening for us. Allow the release of whatever is no longer serving you and getting in the way of your highest happiness. (This includes negative thoughts & fears) Trust your intuition! 

I’m actually seeing a horse trotting forward with those little blinders near their eyes. It’s important that we don’t focus on what is going on around us and only on where we are going. We are not necessarily leaping ahead but any step forward is a powerful step in the right direction. There is a sense celebration as your guides are leading the way!

Have an amazing week!

With so much love,


Deck: The Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle By: Radleigh Valentine