This week is all about focusing on what we desire! 💜🏹 

First we received “Holy Amethyst”, one of the keepers of the violet flame. (An etheric flame that helps transmute anything that no longer serves us) Holy Amethyst is guiding us to move beyond our current challenges and to let go of old ideas that may be connected to our old stories. She is encouraging us to look at our past through the eyes of love and compassion. Having admiration for yourself, your strength, and the wisdom you have gained from it.

This is transformation energy asking us to rise. We are making space for something powerful, clearing out the old for the new. “Diana” is asking us to listen to that wisdom. Trust your intuition or any intuitive messages you may receve this week. This is a time of focused intention, so be clear and set your sights high! Focus on your desires not your fears, remembering that whatever you are focusing on will flourish. Keep your thoughts positive and expect the highest outcome. 

You are like a magician at this time, your thoughts are magnetic. Everything you have been through in your past has brought you to this moment. You are being guided to move into your true power having faith that the universe is supporting you. 

It’s okay if fear arises, this is just a reminder that you are on the verge of something big. Feel the fear, but move anyway. Stay focused and positive! Again this is a time of transformation and manifestation. (You have earned it!) I can’t stress enough… the power of focused intention! It is your superpower!  

As Diana is also often associated with the moon, may I suggest using this weeks new moon energy to help  usher in those dreams and desires. Go big! 💫 

So much love,

Always Nicole

Deck: Keepers of the Light    By: Kyle Gray