Did I mention we are in transformation energy? Well yes, that continues into this week. 😆 For some of us this is an exciting time of possibility and you feel ready. For others, this feels a lot more challenging, but make no mistake, you are just as ready! 

I would also like to say that although transformation, change, and letting go of the old doesn’t always feel great, its always leading us somewhere better. It’s making space to help us grow and evolve. Sometimes we hold on tight to the old just because it is familiar. And often even an unhappy familiar seems the better choice between the unknown. This is a time to take your power back. Embrace and allow this transformation as opposed to fighting it and feeling pushed. 

That being said, The “King of Air” is guiding us to stand in this energy firmly. Own it! Communicate clearly your truth, beliefs, desires, and feelings without being attached to the emotion of it. Just stand unapologetically in your truth. You will not only be respected for this, it will support your evolution. 

It’s time to take charge and embrace this new way of being. We must honor the past but trust that we are being led in the directions of our dreams. You are the co-creator of your life. Build some thing beautiful! 

With so much love,

always Nicole ✨ 

Deck: Angel Wisdom Tarot   By: Radleigh Valentine