What a powerful week ahead! Let’s use the energy of the new moon and solar eclipse (10/14) to set an intention for more balance, joy, grace, acceptance, and peace in our lives. 🌑 ⚖️

The “Wise Woman of the Grove“ is guiding us towards joy and peace. This week is all about experiencing and giving grace. It’s about knowing who you are and accepting all parts of yourself. We’re being given a gift that feels like a heart activation of healing wisdom, connection, and joy. 

The “Starry Night” is about acceptance.  Embracing ourselves fully, even the parts you don’t like. There are no wrong experiences, each one allows us to grow and expand in new ways. We are being encouraged to accept life and all of its configurations. Every moment has value, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Forgive yourself and others. Within this deep acceptance is grace, peace, harmony, and joy pouring out to you.

We are also being encouraged to see ourselves in a deeper way with a greater knowing and understanding of our own truth. The world around us might mirror something different. Do not be triggered by this. Instead let it deepen your resolve and inner knowing. 

There are times when our voices demand to be heard, but this isn’t one of them. This week is about standing in your truth energetically. There is a shift in perception and knowing that allows the unshakable you to rise from within. If others around you are pushing a difference of opinion, while you know in your heart that you are absolutely “right,” be willing to drop it for the sake of inner peace. Accept that others truths might be different from your own. (We can let them be wrong 😂) The Universe knows the truth of the situation, even if others don’t. May you know yourself enough to feel the joy of wholehearted love and acceptance.

With so much love,

Always Nicole

Deck: The Sacred Forest Oracle By: Denise Linn