The energy of this week brings with it big opportunities for healing. As Mercury retrograde comes to an end, going direct on Thursday, we will soon begin to feel the fog start to clear and the heaviness lift. This will be immediately followed by Friday’s new moon in Virgo. It’s important to remember the energies of a mercury retrograde often intensify in the very beginning and at the very end, into the shadow period, so don’t be surprised if whatever has been coming up for you becomes a bit louder. Don’t react, just observe. Grab the lessons and leave the rest! Use Friday’s new moon to get clear,  focused, and organized on what comes next! 

The two cards we received this week really feel as if they bookend each other. The ascended masters “Master Jesus“ and “Mother Mary” are here to guide us on our healing journey. Although they are both deeply rooted in Christianity, they are here to help anyone from any background or belief system. (As are any of the other masters) So keep that in mind! 

Both these Divine beings are a representation of the highest form and example of love, peace, and forgiveness. We are being reminded that we are on a path. As we move along, we are learning, growing and expanding our reach to discover new places, joys, and parts of ourselves. We are being ensured that it is safe to let go and forgive. (This may include our past experiences, situations, other people, & ourselves) We do this so we don’t have to carry all the heaviness moving forward. We do this to take back our power!

Another thing that I have noticed in the energy field at this time is ancestor healing.Healing our own wounds and experiences as well as the wounds and stories we carry forward from the wounds of our ancestors. The angels want you to know that both father and mother (and beyond) healing are possible at this time. Choose love, choose forgiveness, choose freedom. Remember that you are a divine being of love, perfectly imperfect, more than enough and deserving of all the love your heart desires. 🫶🏼



Deck: Keepers of the Light  By: Kyle Gray