Last week we were being guided to embrace our emotions and connect with our heart. This week we are being encouraged to embrace our sensitivity and allow our hearts to heal. 

We are still in our feels this week, which also includes “Feeling the World” 🌎 around us and the energies of others. Avoid the desire to numb out and retreat from your feelings. Stay present and aware. Try to observe not absorb. Notice how you feel around others. When you’re around certain people do you feel tired or drained? Or do you feel energized and filled up? Perhaps completely neutral? Are you allowing others to siphon your energy? There are important messages here. It’s also important to recognize whether the feelings you are experiencing are your own, or are you perhaps taking on the energy of others?

Empathy is a beautiful thing. It is a gift, not a curse. Empathy is what connects us with others and reminds us that we are part of something bigger. It can definitely feel overwhelming at times and requires balance. The balance comes from having clear and loving boundaries. Practice saying no if you need to. Take care of you!

“Healing the Heart” ❤️‍🩹 is similar to the message we received last week about allowing our hearts to open and flow by both giving and receiving love. I would like to quote the beautiful Colette Baron Reid here because I don’t think that I can say this any more perfect than she has in her description and meaning of this card, it reads in part…

“When you are wounded emotionally, you need time to regroup and find your center. You may have recently endured a break up or betrayal, lost someone close to you, or lost an affiliation that you gave too much power to. Perhaps you’re watching someone go through a difficult time and feel bad that you can’t help them. Maybe you’re still not over a past disagreement. No matter the cause of this heartache, deep healing is called for. This happens on its own timeline and can never be rushed.”  💗💗💗

We so often think that our wounding only comes from others, but the truth is we often do more damage to ourselves than we realize. Our negative self-talk, self sabotaging, people pleasing, and sometimes codependent tendencies can be an invitation for the world around us to “mirror back”. All healing starts within. 

As Mercury retrogrades are a time to go within and re-visit, take this time to release the pain of the past. Can we see others and accept them for where they are? Can we love them anyway even if that means letting them go? Take responsibility for your part but let go of the rest. Stand in your truth, be firm and be kind. Rise like the phoenix! 

Taking care of you, embracing your sensitivity and healing your heart is all that matters. There is so much good coming for you! 💝

With so much love always, 

Nicole xoxo

Deck: Oracle of the 7 Energies  By: Colette Baron-Reid

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