This week the angels are encouraging us to find “Solitude“ in the “Wisdom” of our soul. We are being guided to spend some time alone. Do not rely on opinions of others. Break away from the crowd, and be your own authentic, unique self! Take time to reassess your life, knowing that you are in a safe space of incubation and self transformation. Your creativity is at an all time high. Let it flow! Release anything or anyone that’s disempowering and embrace your individuality. 

The wisdom card suggests that things are not as they seem. We are being guided to look beneath the surface and trust that there is so much happening there that might still be unseen. And honestly to me, this feels like magic and wonder! If you feel as though things have been a bit rocky or even at a stalemate, know that there is serenity and peace emerging. The challenges you have been experiencing have only made you wiser, stronger, and more resilient than ever.

No matter what the outside world looks like this week, there is so much inner peace and calmness surrounding you at this time. Trust your intuition, your gut, your inner knowing! Remember that our intuition is a whisper, and often our first “thought.” Ego and fear are much louder and usually come second. Trust the first “thought,” trust the whisper! The things that are beginning to emerge feel absolutely magical. It’s also important to know that these things are not a whim. They are the intentional seeds and prayers of your soul. Trust in the unknown of what is happening below the surface at this time. Trust in the magic. Trust in YOUR magic!

I’m hearing Aladdin’s “A whole new world” in my head.🧞‍♂️ Embrace it!

Have a beautiful week

 love always,


Deck: Sacred Destiny Oracle By: Denise Linn