Kings squared this week! 👑 Asking us to stand up, communicate clearly and embrace the leader that you are. There are times in life where we definitely feel like the passenger.  But on a good day, when we are feeling motivated and empowered, we KNOW that we are in the driver seat! We are being guided to embrace that part of ourselves now.

“The King of Michael” (aka King of Swords) is full of wisdom and is very objective. He is not thinking with his emotions but is very much in his integrity. There may be an opportunity this week that calls for honest and open communication.

The image on this card depicts Archangel Michael standing firmly right in our path. He wants you to know that it is safe for you to courageously stand up and speak your truth. 

“The King of Gabriel” (aka King of Wands) is asking us to keep our eyes on the bigger picture and leave the details to others. This is a king who is not afraid to be in the spotlight. 🔥 And he’s also a great communicator! This is a card of success so please trust that however the communication you are being encouraged to bravely speak this week comes up for you, it will be successful and bring immense opportunities to evolve and grow. This could be communicating a new idea or plan that you have yet to share. Or more about standing up for yourself and speaking your truth. Either way there is real freedom on the other side of this action. 

Both these kings are cards that represents public speaking or clear and honest communication. So yes, mercury is in retrograde, the planet of communication! A time when communication can be difficult, so take your time and be very clear. 

Most importantly stand in your integrity, know who you are! (And who you’re not!) Trust your intellect and your ability to be the leader in your own life. You have everything you need within you and you are freaking royalty dammit!!!! 😆 

Archangel Michael (The angel of safety) and Archangel Gabriel (The angel of communication) are with you!

So much love always,

Have a beautiful week 🎺


Deck: Archangel Power Tarot By: Radleigh Valentine 

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