Wow, is it really the last week in September? It’s officially autumn! A great time for clearing out and letting go of the old, the tired, and the heavy.  This weeks messages are definitely something that has been repeated a lot recently. All about standing tall in who you are and trusting YOUR intuition.

THE “ Lord” is here guiding us to stand up and take charge of our own lives. Do not let yourself be swayed or redirected in ways that are not aligned with where you really want to go. You are the boss of your own life and perhaps it’s time to put yourself first, or at least up there on that list! 

As we will be experiencing a full moon in aries this week, it’s important to remember that the “Moon” reveals all! The moon shines its light on all that has been kept in the dark. This is an extremely intuitive time so trust whatever is arising within you. Ask yourself if there has been a situation (or a someone) that perhaps you have been avoiding   dealing with recently.  If so, this could be holding you back. Know that where there is fear, there is just a need for love. And where there is darkness, there is just a need for light! You are the love and the light! 

We have this beautiful blend of masculine and feminine energy this week. Allow the magical light of the moon to help you see through illusions and blocks that are holding you back. From this space of clarity and truth, may you stand in your power. 

Have a beautiful week ✨

With so much love always,


Deck: Angels and Ancestors  By: Kyle Gray