This week is all about honoring your emotions and heart center. The “Water Guardian” is asking us to connect with our emotions. This is a beautiful reminder to allow our emotions to flow through us. Observe them, do not push them down or allow yourself to become overwhelmed by them. Let them flow through you like water as opposed to crashing down on us like waves. Every emotion is valid and you are allowed to feel what you feel. Give yourself the space and permission to do this, but also ask yourself what lessons or insights lay within these emotions? Where or what do I need to heal?

The “Heart Guardian“ is guiding us to connect these emotions to our heart center. To honor and trust this space, it is the highest part of ourselves. It’s about remembering that vulnerability is a strength not a weakness. It’s safe to feel. 

You are not where you once were and history will not repeat itself! Once again we are being encouraged to open our hearts and love, but also to allow yourself to receive love in return. 

While shuffling the cards this week we had a ”jumper card,” which serves as a bonus message. The “Mirror Guardian“ is here with the added message to take time this week to reflect on all you’ve been through and how far you’ve come. Do this through the most loving and compassionate eyes. If you could see yourself through the eyes of the angels you would know how proud they are of you. They are in awe of your resilience, strength, and heart. They are in awe of YOU, just for being you. 🤩 

You are loved, held and supported always, but may you feel this a little extra this week. 💗

With so much love always,

Nicole ✨ 

Deck: Angels and Ancestors By: Kyle Gray 

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